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1Fitness SG

Ivor has been physically training for 5 years and he started out his business purely out of passion for working out.
His team of dedicated trainers not only do weight management but they have certified Dietitians on-board to assist clients on customized meal plans.
1Fitness SG Trainers are expert in their field and they have different genre of workout available ranging from Hiit, Circuit, Fight Club, Dynamic Core to Functional etc.

They customize workout regimes to suit individual fitness goals and they work with companies to provide employees with Wellness Programs. In addition, they also work with various Expat Associations to conduct group classes for their members.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Below are some examples of the classes they conduct:

How to lose 3kgs in 2 weeks?
How to fit back into your skinny jeans?
How to gain lean mass?
How to look your best for your wedding?
Proven workout and modules that worked for their clients! Training packages from $60 per session island wide, even in the comfort of your own home!

Training Modules:

Phase 1
1. Body Conditioning (Run In)
2. Basic Strength Workout
3. Build Supportive Muscles
4. Breathing Technique
5. Body Posture

Phase 2
1. Specific Target Muscle Group
2. Compound Workout
3. Workout Correction Technique
4. Muscle Control (Mind Muscle Connection)
5. Development of Higher Metabolic Rate

Phase 3
1. Workout Pairing Structure
2. Advance Compound Workout
3. High Intensity Interval Training
4. Body Weight Conditioning Technique
5. Physique Maintenance Skills

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Call to book your training session today!

Tel: 8199 7723
Website: https://1fitness-sg.com
Email: 1fitness.sg@gmail.com

93 Fitness

Mark is a well-recognized Fitness Trainer in the Sports and Fitness industry. He is a BSc (Hons), Dip (Merit) in Sports & Exercise Science. Being passionate in fitness and sports, he was an ex professional soccer player and does many other different sports. Mark has conducted numerous fitness classes for large corporate companies such as Sembcorp, Canon, Singapore Management University (SMU).

His primary focus is to help individuals achieve a healthier body & lifestyle. He imparts his enriched knowledge to his participants and with dedication, he tailors all his clients’ sessions to achieve their fitness goals. In group setting, he is open to questions and suggestions of exercises, making all sessions a highly bonding and interactive one.

Who should join this program? 
• Those who wants to lose weight effectively and are not motivated to exercise
• Keen to learn how to lift weights
• Want to tone up and have a flatter & toner stomach
• Need guidance on sustainable fitness regime and nutritional advises
• Have underlying health conditions due to obesity
• Office workers with low level of physical activity
• Have been gaining weight over a long period (Flabby Stomach, Flabby Arms, Big Thighs)
• Looking to start a training fitness routine

What does he provide? 
• Customized free consultation
• One on one evaluation
• Exercise screening
• Personal training, 2-pax training, Small group training
• Learning exercise variations
• Proper form of exercises
• Ensure safety and proper set up
• Nutrition recommendations

Customized Package Program Plan

The 10 & 20-session packages are designed to provide the essential ultimate workout that will help to trim and lose undesirable fat. Not forgetting, toning and building muscles to optimize your out-look through varied customized exercises and nutritional guidance! The structured exercise guides every individual to understand how your muscle works and with precise cues to improve further on workout performance. Guaranteed to your satisfaction, you will be confident and be able to plan your own structured workout plans! He focus on your ability and NEVER dwell on your inabilities. With constant motivation and support, he will help you achieve your desired results.

Being an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, attaining many awards and scholarship prizes from Nanyang Technological University (Hons, Merit, Scholarship Awards), Republic Polytechnic (Merit, Scholarship Awards), these credentials will come in handy to help you achieve your fitness goals!

DCardSG Members enjoy Promotion Trial Session @ $30 Only

Never intimidating, the session will ensure you have a feel of how the program works and know more about yourself and most importantly clear any doubts! The promotional trial session provides you with adequate understanding of how a standard session outlook will be like. In addition, it slowly integrates you into exercise and help you with your learning progress!

Facebook Page
Website: www.93fitness.com
Tel: 9742 3658

SKKY Fitness

SKKY Fitness is a private fitness studio (32Sqm), designed for exclusive one-on-one use by their clients and fitness trainer. They have carefully curated commercial gym equipment, including a PowerTec leverage machine, Olympic barbells, free weights, squat rack, spin bike, Powerplate, TX and open space for functional exercises.

Their studio facilities are designed with the clients’ needs in mind, so clients can achieve the maximal outcomes of each personal training session.

Their Vision: “Enhance health and fitness level, one client at the time.”

Their Mission: “For our clients to reach their fitness potential.”

Their Motto: “Exercise levels must be adjusted to clients’ needs, in order to excel.”

What Can You Expect:

Melanie walked into the gym not quite knowing what to expect from the package she had just purchased. Being in her late thirties and gained about 5kg of increased weight in recent years, Melanie wanted to shred some weight, improve her fitness and regain some of her old shapes. Melanie trained 2 to 3 times a week and after 2 month of training the results showed:

Results are typical when the client is willing to invest time and effort into lifestyle changes.

20 Sessions Package: $1,700 (Includes Assessment)
10 Sessions Package $900 (Includes Assessment) 
All sessions are 1 hour


Email: info@skkyfitness.com
Website: http://skkyfitness.com/



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