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PrinceFish supplies authentic Garra Rufa (Spa Fishes) also famously known as Doctor Fish since 2008.
Garra Rufa fishes are known for their unique healing abilities of skin conditions since 400 years ago where they are found in Kangal Hot Springs in Turkey.
PrinceFish is known for their Wild Breed Garra Rufa which are higher in quality and durability. Customers from all over the world who have imported from PrinceFish are highly satisfied with the quality of the fishes.
High Quality treatment is assured in removing dead skin cells by exfoliation in a natural way. PrinceFish are specialists in water filtration systems and tank systems to ensure a safe living environment for tropical fishes of any breed.
Fish Spa Tanks are specially customized to suit their customers’ requirements whether it is for home or commercial usage.

The following is a video from one of their projects in Hong Kong using Wild Breed Garra Rufa fishes.

Ships worldwide to major International Airports only.
Free Local Delivery in Singapore
High Survival Rate Guarantee!

10% Discount For All Members! (For Doctor Fish Garra Rufa Only)

Website: http://princefish.com.sg
Email: sales@princefish.com.sg