Advertising Rewards
advertising rewards

 If you are an SME Merchant and would like to join our advertising rewards program to reach out to your targeted customers, you can do so by advertising your products & services with us at affordable yearly prices! All you have to do is work out an exclusive offer just for our members to enjoy! DCard SG Merchants can enjoy the advertising rewards program as explained later on.

Merchants can post their logo, photos and especially their exclusive offer for members.
Our DCard SG Merchant list is classified according to their relevant categories for easy browsing and searching. Merchants with better and attractive discounts tend to have an advantage. Greater savings will be able to draw more attention from our DCard SG members especially active shoppers. If you are interested to be a DCard SG merchant and would like to find out more, please feel free to drop us an email at


DCard SG Merchant Link Rewards Program

DCard SG Merchants will receive a DCard SG Decal/Sticker for display at your shop front or website .
In addition, our salespersons will personally deliver your decal or sticker to you.
Displaying of DCard SG decal/sticker helps generate more traffic to your business.

We have an advertising reward program for merchants who help promote & guide customers to signing up for DCard SG privilege membership card on our website. Merchants shall receive star ratings for high number of sign ups. This is to reward and help generate more traffic to your ad and subsequently to your business.

For every sign up of DCard SG Members, merchants can receive cash rebates. The rebates are to help offset any additional costs in exclusive discounts given for DCard SG members.
If you would like to be a DCard SG Merchant or would like to find out more about it, feel free to email us at

Book your ad position by signing up in advance!

Get your company seen on DCard SG for as low as 32 cents/day!

@only $120/yr
(U.P: $339/yr)

Upon payment, email us your logo, photos and company’s products with description to

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